Ninth International Geostatistics Congress, Oslo, Norway
June 11 – 15, 2012

Posters (PO)


Modeling and analysis of daily rainfall data
B.H. Auestad, A. Henriksen, H. A. Karlsen

Approximations and bounds for binary Markov random fields
H.M. Austad, H. Tjelmeland

Seismic Attributes for Constraining Geostatistical Seismic Inversion
L. Azevedo, R., F., Nunes, J. A., Almeida, L., M. Pinheiro, M. H. Caeiro, P., J., Correia, Amilcar Soares

Spatial representativeness of an air quality monitoring station. Delimitation of exceedance areas
Maxime Beauchamp, L Malherbe, L Letinois, C De Fouquet

Inference of 2D and 3D locally varying anisotropy fields for complex geological formations
M Lillah, J. B. Boisvert

Geostatistical stochastic simulation for spatial accuracy assessment of land cover maps derived from remotely sensed data
J. D. Carneiro, M. J. Pereira

Validity range of the discrete Gaussian change-of-support model and its variant
Jean-Paul Chilès

Field Parametric Geostatistics - a rigorous theory to solve problems of highly skewed distributions
M. Armony, R.S. Machado, J.F.C.L. Costa

What about the practical implementation of geostatistics for contaminated sites and soils?

The Effect of Considering Density as Weighting Factor When Compositing Assay Grades and as Accumulated Variable on Mining Reconciliation
Paulo Mauricio Dias, J F C L Costa, C Diedrich, V Koppe

Pattern-based geostatistical simulation using discrete wavelet transformation
Roussos Dimitrakopoulos, S Chatterjee

The value of imperfect borehole information in mineral resource evaluation
S. L. Ellefmo, J. Eidsvik

Facies Simulation in Practice: Lithotype Proportion Mapping and Plurigaussian Simulation, a Powerful Combination
J. M. Yarus, R.L. Chambers, M. Maucec

Reservoir modelling by combination of object model and SGS for the Ketzin CO2 injection pilot
P. Frykman

A Comparison of Methods for Solving the Sensor Location Problem
Rodolfo Garcia-Flores, P Toscas, DJ Lee, G Robinson, O Gavriliouk

A Comparison of Geostatistical Techniques to Model Geological Uncertainty
Hylke J. Glass, Joanna K. Marshall

Evaluation and Calibration of Dynamically Downscaled Precipitation over Norwegian Mainland
O. Haug, E. Orskaug, I. Scheel, A. Frigessi, D. Maraun, P. Guttorp

Use of Streamlines in Development and Application of a Linearized Reduced-Order Reservoir Model
M. Jesmani, B. Koohmare Hosseini, R.J. Chalaturnyk

Accounting for seismic trends in stochastic well correlation
C. Julio, F. Lallier, G. Caumon

Modeling Nonstationary and Nonlinear Beta Probability Fields
K.D. Khan, J.A. Vargas-Guzman

Applications of Data Coherency for Data Analysis and Geological Zonation
JG Manchuk, CV Deutsch

Insights in paleoclimate variability through the variographic analysis of stalagmite time series
G. Mariethoz, B.F.J. Kelly, A. Baker

Conditional simulation of realistic meandering channels using 1D multiple-point simulations
G. Mariethoz, A. Comunian, I. Irarrazaval, P. Renard

Plurigaussian simulations used to analyze the uncertainty in resources estimation from a lateritic nickel deposit
JFCL Costa, DM Marques, ED Muller

The use of geostatistical simulation to optimize the homogenization and blending strategies
DM Marques, JFCL Costa

Grid-less Modeling of Reservoir Properties with Maximum Continuity Field Interpolation
M. Maucec, J.M. Yarus, R.L. Chambers, G. Shi

Parallel implementation of multiple-point simulation based on texture synthesis

Guidelines to Perform Multiple-Point Statistical Simulations with the Direct Sampling Algorithm
E. Meerschman, G. Pirot, G. Mariethoz, J. Straubhaar, M. Van Meirvenne, P. Renard

Interpolation of Concentration Measurements by Kriging Using Flow Coordinates
M. Rivest, D. Marcotte, P. Pasquier

Reducing Uncertainty in Modelling Fluvial Reservoirs by using Intelligent Geological Priors

Optimization strategies for spatial design of air quality measurement surveys
T Romary, C de Fouquet, L Malherbe

Interpolating runoff-related variables with rtop
Jon Olav Skøien, G. Blöschl, G. Laaha, E. J. Pebesma, J. Parajka, A. Viglione

Uncertainty in species distribution modelling ? the use of Mahalanobis distance
J.O. Skøien, G. Dubois, G. B. M. Heuvelink, M. Schulz

Spatial sampling design with skew distributions: The special case of trans-Gaussian kriging
Gunter Spoeck

Uncertainty Quantification and Feedback Control using a Model Selection Approach ? Application to a Polymer Flooding Process
C.M. Mantilla, S. Srinivasan

Distance based sensitivity analysis for join inversion of time-lapse and production data of Norne field
Amit Suman, Tapan Mukerji

Bayesian Statistics Applied To Evaluation And Zoning Of The Land Surface Deformated. Case Study: Funza Town In Cundinamarca � Colombia
M Triviño, J. H. Fandiño, L.F. Santa, L. F. Gomez

Application of EnKF to Constrain Heavy Oil Reservoir Characterization to Temperature and Time Lapse Seismic Data
Y. Zagayevskiy, A.H. Hosseini, C.V. Deutsch

Play resource evaluation and geological risk assessment with model-based stochastic simulation with applications to unconventional oil plays in WCSB
J. Chen, K.G. Osadetz, X. Zhang

Characterization of groundwater nitrate long term trends at regional scale using statistical and geostatistical tools

1D Runoff Production in the Light of Queueing Theory: Heterogeneity, Connectivity and Scale -
E. Mouche, M-A. Harel

Rodrigo Riquelme, Alejandro Cáceres, Xavier Emery, Susana Zapata

A New Stochastic Modeling Method for the 3-D Forecasting of IHS in Point Bar of Sinuous Channel
Yanshu Yin, Changmin Zhang, Shaohua Li




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