Ninth International Geostatistics Congress, Oslo, Norway
June 11 – 15, 2012

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Accounting for seismic trends in stochastic well correlation


C. Julio, CRPG-Université Lorraine (FR)
F. Lallier, CRPG-Université Lorraine (FR)
G. Caumon, CRPG-Université Lorraine (FR)


Stratigraphic well correlation is a critical step of basin and reservoir analysis workflows. In this paper, we propose an automatic well correlation method which uses both borehole data and interwell information extracted from seismic surveys to constrain well correlation. The presented stratigraphic well correlation method is based on the iterative Dynamic Time Warping algorithm which allows correlation between several wells. Global correlations are built by combining elementary correlation costs between stratigraphic units or markers. Whereas various rules can be used to compute the correlation likelihood between well sections, a significant challenge is to compute the cost for an unconformity to occur. Therefore, we use first-order trends extracted from seismic data and popose two rules. The fi rst rule is based on a 3D scalar fi eld whose gradient is orthogonal to horizons extracted from seismic. The second rule is based on seismic attribute which highlights the convergence of reflectors on seismic data.




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