Ninth International Geostatistics Congress, Oslo, Norway
June 11 – 15, 2012

Mining 2 (MI2)

Session Chair: Peter Dowd & Ute Mueller


Application of stochastic simulations and quantifying uncertainties in the drilling of roll front uranium deposits
G. Petit, H. De Boissezon, V. Langlais, G. Rumbach, A. Khairuldin, T. Oppeneau, N. Fiet

Genetic Algorithms & Scenario Reduction
Margaret Armstrong, A Vincent, A Galli, C Méheut

Assessing Uncertainty in Recovery Functions: A Practical Approach
O. Rondon

The Effect Of Information From Different Drill Holes Campaigns On The Resource And Reserves Estimation In A Brazilian Bauxite Mine
O.R.A. Guimaraes, J.F.C.L Costa




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