Ninth International Geostatistics Congress, Oslo, Norway
June 11 – 15, 2012


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The Effect Of Information From Different Drill Holes Campaigns On The Resource And Reserves Estimation In A Brazilian Bauxite Mine


O.R.A. Guimaraes, Hydro & Vale (BR)
J.F.C.L Costa, UFRGS (BR)


The basis to estimate mineral resources and reserves derive from data obtained by the set of drill holes campaigns. In this multiple drilling process, most probably it involved by several geologists, laboratories, analytical methods, criteria for description and definition of the geological contact. Generally, this information is treated as part of the same population. This paper presents a methodology, which enables the identification of different statistical populations for the same chemical species within the same geological domains created artificially by human effects; which ultimately affected the exploration database. The impacts of the using this information, with different statistical characteristics, on the estimation of resources, reserves and value of a mining enterprise is assessed. Through the use of analysis of variance (ANOVA) considering the means and variances of each group, it was possible to identify and separate samples to build different geological models with each data group which allowed quantifying their influence on financial transfer functions. The results indicated that there were significant impacts on the value of the mine mainly highlighting the importance of using correct information in the process of estimation of mineral resources and reserves. The methodology is illustrated in a major bauxite mine.




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